My Top 10 Non-Negotiables for my Health

Posted: January 30, 2017

There is so much information available on health, it can be hard to know where to start. You can get lost in the mine field of information. And everyone you speak to will have their own list of priorities.


Everyone is different. What is important to some, is not important to others. Your health journey will be different to mine. It is not a competition, it is about finding your own path to health and happiness and finding what works best for you.


But people have asked me what I do every day for my health. So I have put together a list of my top 10 non-negotiables. These are the things I do daily (or a couple times a week) for my health and wellbeing. Everything changes, depending on the season, my mood, my current health concerns, my work load etc. But these are the things that never change.


  1. Herbal Tea/Hydration: hydration is such an important part of health, and yet it is something that many people forget about. A vast majority of the population is dehydrated! I love using herbal tea as my main source of hydration/water intake. Herbal tea that has no caffeine can count towards your water intake, which is fantastic. You get all the healing benefits of the herbs and boost your water intake, so it’s a perfect combo. Plus I don’t go a day without herbal medicine, and tea is my main source. Hydration is key to good health. My favourite tea range is of course my range Twisted Tonic Tea. Try it today.


  1. Breakfast: I NEVER miss breakfast. Most days it’s a smoothie, but I love veges with my breakfast as well, so on the days I’m not rushing out the door I will do a vege omelette or black bean hash. Breakfast is so important to fuel your brain and break your fast. It stimulates your metabolism and switches your brain on. I find if I miss breakfast my mind is hazy, so I just don’t miss it. Plus I’m usually really hungry in the morning!


  1. Stretching: stretching is such an important tool for me. Both for physical and mental reasons. I find stretching at the end of the day calms my mind down, as well as relaxing my muscles. You can either try yoga, or just do some simple stretches. Whatever works for you. Aim for at least 10 minutes a day.


  1. Green Drinks: ok, so this isn’t for everyone, but it is one of the best things you can do for your health. This can include a green smoothie, chlorella in coconut water, or I use my Ultimate Green 15 powder for a quick fix. I mix up what I am having all the time, as long as I am getting in at least one green drink daily. Don’t forget to rotate your greens.


  1. Music: I don’t go a day without music. I don’t mean just listening to the radio on your way to work. I mean listening to music – feeling it in your soul. I know some people that find a sense of peace while running or surfing etc, I find that in music. It is the quickest tool I have to change my mood, especially if I’m anxious. If I’m procrastinating, I have music to shift my mind set, or calm me down when stressed. Music can soothe the soul in so many ways (it just has to be the right music). When I was studying I found music really helped me retain information and motivated me on days when I didn’t want to do exam prep. I also used music for memory recall to help with exams!


  1. Probiotic or Fermented Foods: Gut health is so important to my overall health, and one of my biggest issues. So I always have either some probiotics or fermented foods every day. Sometimes it could be a multi strain probiotic powder in my smoothie, or just taken in a capsule, or it could be some kefir, kimchi or sauerkraut. Every day is different, because my gut is different, so I try to listen to what it needs. Here is my favourite kefir and ferment brand.


  1. Veges, veges, veges: I love vegetables. It’s the one thing I try to get all my clients to increase – their vegetable intake. Most people think they are eating enough vegetables, but I rarely see a client who is. A serving size of veges is 1 cup raw, or ½ cup cooked- and we are meant to be getting 5-7 serves of veges a day! So I eat them in smoothies, soups, salads, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are so many great ways to pimp up your veges – you don’t need to eat the same 3 veges steamed every day. The more flavour you can add, the more likely you are to eat them. Try them with sesame seeds, dulse flakes, roasted, baked, with coconut aminos or with tahini dipping sauce – the possibilities are endless. This is one non-negotiable that we should all aim for.


  1. Magnesium Bath: So this isn’t a daily non-negotiable, but a twice weekly non-negotiable. The benefits I get from a magnesium bath are amazing. It relaxes your muscles, calms the nervous system, reduces stress, promotes good quality sleep and detoxifies your body. What more could you ask for?! I use 1-2 cups Epsom salts, or 1 cup magnesium flakes, ½ cup bi-carb soda and essential oils, such as lavender, patchouli, sandalwood. I also personally add 1 cup bentonite clay, for its amazing detoxifying properties, but it’s not for everyone. I wouldn’t have a bath any other way now, but try a combo that works for you. 10-20mins is all you need. These are my favourite Magnesium Salts.


  1. Sleep: Ok, so this is the toughest one for me. While it is a non-negotiable, it doesn’t always grant me with it’s presence – insomnia is a big problem for me. The reason I say it’s a non-negotiable is because without sleep I don’t function. Not at all well! So I do everything I need to, to get a good sleep. No electronics in my bedroom, my hot chocolate before bed, or a sleep tea, stretching or legs up against wall for 10 mins, magnesium bath etc. If I don’t sleep I notice the changes in my personality within a couple days! Sleep is a non-negotiable for everyone.


  1. Quiet Time: Just 5-10 minutes of quiet time can be all I need. I don’t always meditate, but I always find some time to sit in reflection and unwind. Sometimes I use alternate nostril breathing to help get my mind to switch off, or I listen to a meditation (music with no words for me – it’s usually subliminal). When your mind is constantly running with to-do lists, you need that time to just shut everything down. It is great for the nervous system as well.


These are the things I have found that give me the most balance and health in my life. But as I said, everyone is different.


And, while these are my non-negotiables, I’m not perfect. There are days when I am lucky to tick off 2 or 3. But I have learnt to accept that. I just know that tomorrow I will do extra!


What are some of your non-negotiables?


  • Susan January 30, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    One of my non-negotiables is my regular appointments with you!

    • Courtney January 30, 2017 at 7:51 pm

      Aww, that’s so nice


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