Review: Skin Tucker Deodorant

Posted: February 5, 2016

No one wants stinky pits! So I have been on a mission. A mission to find a natural deodorant that works! For many years I have only been using natural products on my skin, skin care, makeup, and everything in between. The one exception I had made was deodorant. I have tried many natural deodorants in the past, but nothing ever seemed to really do the job as well as I wanted.

But as I have been working on completely detoxifying my life and body, I really wanted to completely get rid of my unnatural deodorants. So I have been on a mission to find a product that really works.

And I think I have found the one. I was recommended Skin Tucker deodorant cream from a friend, and I have loved it ever since. It is a cream based product, which may put some people off, but I don’t mind at all. It pretty much dries straight away, keeps you fresh all day long, and is completely natural. All wins in my book.

If you are looking to make some natural changes in your life, I highly recommend you try this product. At this stage, the only way to contact them is via facebook Skin Tucker (no website as yet), but I suggest making the effort to get in touch with them.

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